The ExpressPCB User Interface is meticulously crafted to provide the most streamlined experience possible. Its understated design is functional and efficient, with every element serving a specific purpose.

The intuitive layout allows users to easily find the tools and features they need, and the lightning-fast response time ensures quick execution of tasks. Even complex tasks can be completed with ease, making designing and ordering high-quality PCBs a breeze.

The User Interface is a model of efficiency and functionality, a testament to the power of good design, and a joy to use.

For over 25 years—

—we've served as North America's PCB CAD Design Ecosystem of pupils and professionals alike! 100% FREE, with US-based tech support and manufacturing.

You Asked and We Listened!

New tutorials are on the way! We’ve been combing hundreds of suggestions from you, our users, to craft new tutorials that cover all of the various ins and outs. of working with ExpressPCB. We’re stoked to be offering quick takes to answer your questions and grow our support library to better serve your needs. Stay Tuned!

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